Walking in the face of fear

“What would you do if you had no fear?”…

I’ve been here in Fire Island, New York for the past two weeks and I’m amazed at how in intuitive I can be when the pressures of everyday life are removed. It’s as if a veil of illusion is pulled back from my eyes and all I need to do is practice some “wishcraft” to have an adventure or two appear on my doorstep or meet me on a walk along the shore! It’s illuminating and exhilarating and is teaching me so much about how the process of life’s energy works.

It seems like each of us has a “blob” that resides in our lives — a compilation of things that we think we need to concentrate on. These entail the hopes and dreams of our lives that seem to take our energy to “create.” Those things that we keep “turning back to look at” as we make our way through life. It could be a goal — maybe a monetary figure we think we need to achieve — or it could be a past experience — maybe someone once told us something devastating to our self-esteem. Either way, as we move forward din life we keep turning around to look at this “blob” — this thing that says “Look at me! I am here! You need to move me and push me out of your space in order to make what you want in life happen.” And thus we keep turning our attention to “The Blob” — an it saps us of our energy like a leach saps us of our blood. A bit graphic, eh? LOL!

So I want you to think about something that you want to change in your life — some “thing” that you feel either needs to be removed from, brought into, mended, fixed, or improved in your existence. Think about the sense of energy it takes. Maybe it feels like you have to climb Everest or jump through hoops of flames in order to even begin the process. Perhaps it feels like the journey of a thousand miles and a part of you is saying “It ain’t so bad right here on the couch.” Perhaps it exhilarates you. Hmmm…my guess is it won’t be greatly exhilarating — otherwise you would be jumping at the bit to get moving on it!

So now visualize that “thing” and put a face on it. Maybe you feel that you have a few things to put into The Blob — then coalesce it all together. Now I want you to notice how your attention — like a moth to a flame — gravitates to The Blob. There is perhaps a part of your inner self saying “See, you need to get rid of this and get that and this is never going to be accomplished.” So now we have a duel voice — one saying do something, the other saying there’s nothing you can do about it.

Still with me?

So what are you supposed to do?

Turn your attention completely away from it.

Now I imagine you are saying “That’s crazy! How can I create a new reality in my life if I don’t out any work into it or don’t pay any attention to it?” Let me clarify…I’m not saying pay no attention to what you are doing. So, perhaps you want to lose a few pounds — I’m not saying don’t pay attention to what you eat. But by constantly paying attention to where you are not yet arrived, you are simply watching a pot as it comes to a boil. Instead of watching the pot, look to the rest of your life. Look tot he aliveness already in your life! because I am putting a bet that watching The Blob simply depletes your energy and makes you feel less alive. And if you feel less alive and depleted of energy– are you going to want to go out and climb Everest or hot air balloon across the Atlantic? It’s just a guess, but probably not.

The Blob has an insidious way of being a constant voice of “You’re not…” And thus it affects moods, choices and ways of being. So my challenge to you is to picture The Blob and hen learn to simply pull your attention away from The Blob. “What!?!” you say, “Don’t look at The Blob!?! Are you crazy!?!” Maybe, but I don’t think so. It goes like this…

Let’s say you want to create an artistic endeavor in your life. The Blob is busy telling you “It can’t be done. You don’t have the finances. You don’t have the education. You don’t have the experience. Etc.” (The Blob has an amazing way of never ceasing its litany of issues.) And so you sit on he couch and focus on what needs to be done, what needs to not be done, what could be done, and what ought to be done. But you never get around to doing it. Probably not.

Still with me?

So you end up feeling “I need…” I need to lose twenty pounds. I need to get busy on my writing career. I need to start an exercise program. All kinds of needs. The Blob is all about “perceived needs.” And yet somehow the needs never get fulfilled and you seem to be in a hamster wheel running in circles, never getting very far. I have to ask :”What do you really ‘need’?”

You keep looking over your shoulder at The Blob, checking out if it is still there. How can you get from California to Florida if you keep looking over your shoulder to see how far away from California you’ve driven? You can’t! And in fact you don’t. You keep looking at how close to Florida you have become. The same is true of your goals.

The Blob keeps you running chasing a “feeling” of accomplishment that never seems to arrive.