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Stress Management & Work/Life Balance

…de-stress and gain a sense of inner calm, vitality and zest for living!

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Things You Should Know…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee — If you are not satisfied with your coaching experience, we will refund your unused coaching sessions.

You Set The Pace — Clients set the pace of their coaching and the number of monthly appointments they feel comfortable in creating. We do not pressure you or try to upsell you to a higher plan or more sessions.

Payments — All payments are required in advance of session appointments. Payments can be made in the form of check or credit card through online payment platforms.

Income Taxes — You may be able to deduct your coaching sessions from your income taxes as a consulting expense. Please talk to your financial adviser regarding this possibility.

Work and life worlds at cross hairs?  Find yourself in a rut and unhappily complacent?  Simply stressed out because you have too much to do?

If you're feeling overwhelmed, over-worked and like your just keeping your head above water — coaching can help you find ways to create a sense of balance, perspective and positive self-reliance.

Whether it's work stress, personal stress or both — we'll look at ways to help you gain some ground and feel like your not constantly treading water.

See Potential Coaching can help you create a new level of balance between the personal and professional.  Coaching can also help you to discover new levels of passion and adventure in your day-to-day living.  And assist you in finding the stress managemnet tools that work for you.

First we look at all areas of your life, figure out the detours that are taking you out of balance and then work towards prioritizing, time management and asserting healthy boundaries while simultaneously developing your sense of inner peace and outer accomplishment.

We'll review priorities, look at time commitments, examine where the stress is coming from and then work on realistic goal setting and developing positive assertiveness.

Along the way, we'll work towards expanding comfort zone, focusing on what makes you happy and challenging you with goals designed to bring more fulfillment and vitality into your daily life.

And we'll examine positive life changes you can incorporate into your everyday life to de-stress and foster a sense of self-mastery.