One Thousand Things Big And Small…

I was just rereading a journal entry I made a few years ago about shedding one's belongings and it hit me how timely the ideas still were to me.  Part of the entry was from an email to a friend who commented on my advice to "just throw it all away and start over."  (Something I had somewhat done at the time.)

As I review it, I am struck at how timely that advice still is to me — which I take to mean that there is more work for me to do on the front of owning less, acquiring less and needing less.  So while last year I decluttered 500 times out of my home — a goal that took a good six months to accomplish.  (And yes, I counted!)  I sense it's time to go back into the cupboards and start pulling things out. As a life coach once said to me "Nature abhors a vacuum."  And I suspect that most people do too! Because while I removed five hundred items, I also brought in a about three hundred new ones.  So as I look around the home front and feel that sense of clutter once again, I'm thinking "How can I bring more Zen simplicity into my life?"  and the answer seems to be in creating a greater sense of inner and outer space by discarding outdated and outmoded things, ideas, items and perspectives.

The one thing that I have realized over the years about decluttering is that it is actually a constant process!  We declutter, get used to the idea of less stuff, acquire a few more things, then feel constrained by the level of possessions we find ourselves at and then embark on more decluttering bringing our possessions down to a new level and the cycle starts all over.

And I admit that I get a kick out of the fact that once you start trusting that you need less, then synchronicity seems to jump into play and starts bringing things, people and experiences to you that you do need.  Not necessarily winning lottery tickets or expensive items, but in "I was just thinking I needed this and suddenly it's come freely (or almost freely) into my life."

So the great game continues!  And it's time to really try out the declutter magic and strip my possessions down to one thousand item to see how it changes my world.

The thought is quite frightening actually — not because of the work of going through my possessions, but because it will require me to engage in some drastic reprioritizing.  Those lovely wall hooks will either have to be put up on the wall or given away!  The "projects" will have to be completed or placed in the "Bin of Good Intentions."  Things that I like will have to be weighed against other things that I like and then some items that I like will have to be pushed out the front door.

It's that inner emotional reconfiguring that is so hard to master.  But if we engage in the work, there is something we gain by it — if we care to see it — and that is a view into the energetic workings of life.  And it's that eagle view that keeps me returning to  the subject again and again.

So as spring approaches, I guess I will kick off a sense of new growth by raking up "the stuff" and taking out the trash.  Maybe I'll stop at 862 or maybe I'll push to 1500, we'll see how I feel at five hundred!