On building trust…


At what point in the discussion of trusting Life, the Cosmos, the Universe, some Higher Power, Chi (what ever you want to call it) do we say, “That’s a great idea, but…”

Is it when the “trust” hits our wallets? Or when the “trust” hits or homes? Or when the “trust” hits our health? Or when the “trust” hits our relationships?

Can we trust as long as there is $1,000 in the bank? Or when there is $10,000 in the bank? Or only when there is $100,000 in the bank?

My thought is when we are at the point of annoyance, anger, worry, fear or despair, we’re not trusting. And if we can stop and look around at what is causing our discomfort then we can realize where we leave trust and take back the “work” of our lives. And only by realizing this departure point can we become aware of where our comfort zones end and it’s only by becoming aware of where our comfort zones end that we can build our trust and thus expand our confort zones to take in more life and more living.

The same can be true about judgments. We start judging when we are uncomfortable — either we see something that reminds us of an aspect of ourself we dislike or we are confronted with an idea that we are uncomfortable facing or dealing with and thus we start our judgments (“That’s wrong, I’m right.”) to shut down the discussion.

Similarly, how little does it take to push us into our anger zones? Just having to stand in line? Someone telling us something we don;t want to hear? A telemarketing calling us on he phone? Internet access taking too long for our liking?

By noting how easily we are pushed into anger, worry, anxiety, despair or fear we can begin to let go of these “trip ups” and start to expand our trust with Life at an even greater level. By noting it and not judging it, but simply seeing it within ourselves, we will almost automatically begin to do something about it. Tiny steps at first, most likely, but steps just the same. Why wack ourselves with clubs when we can encourage ourselves with guidance and encouragement?

A great idea may be to pick one area of our lives and count how many times during a week we get pushed out of our comfort zones. By seeing shear numbers, we often realize that this fear or insecurity we are carrying around is simply too heavy to continue lugging about and we will begin to ask the questions of ourselves that cause us to start taking he risks and chances to release the fear. And by choosing to release the fear, we automatically begin trusting in ourselves and our own inherit completeness in the present moment.