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Now Accepting Baltimore BNotes!

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In keeping with our goal to empower local communities and help individuals find coaching affordable, See Potential | Life Coaching is now part of the BNote network of businesses accepting Baltimore's local currency.  And since the exchange rate is $10 US dollars for eleven BNotes — clients will be receiving a 10% discount by using the BNotes!
If you're new to local currencies and how the movement has spread, here are a few resources to start you off:


Basically, complimentary or local currencies are a way to help communities and towns keep the money flow within the local economy.  National currencies — like the US dollar — are created by banks via loans and lines of credit.  Interest paid to a bank or financial organization is then a basic requirement of the financial model.  On the flip side, local currencies are designed simply to be used to assist in enhancing and growing the community's local commerce.  Some of the desired additional benefits are to help preserve and build the social nature connected with local business and ultimately to help the local people instead of banking and financial institutions.

Ultimately, a local currency should increase business for local merchants, stores and service providers while also expanding the local supply chain (since those merchants and service providers will then turn around and spend their local currency with other local businesses).  And as businesses spend their money with other local businesses the area's carbon footprint will be diminished due to shipping, packaging and delivery of goods from out of the area being reduced.  Philosophically, a local currency is not for accumulating or speculating (practices that can lead to economic inequality), but instead is designed to be spent so that all benefit from its existence.

Now the fine print for those of you still reading is that our clients can use BNotes to pay up to 50% of their coaching fees.  For information on what BNotes are, how to use them and where to get them simply visit the Baltimore Green Currency Association website.