News: We’re Accepting Potomacs!

We expanded our reach in Baltimore with BNotes, now we're expanding our reach in the DC-area with its local/complimentary currency, the Potomac.  Founded in 2009, Potomacs are coordinated by the Greater Washington Exchange, which is an umbrella arm of Ecolocity (a non-profit devoted to environmental, social and economic sustainability).  Like the BNotes, one can purchase Potomacs at area cambios or via the general mail.  And just as using BNotes provides an instant discount with the merchants you shop at; using Potomacs also provides a 5% discount, since the Potomac exchange rate is 95 US cents for each individual Potomac.

And just as we do for BNotes, See Potential | Life Coaching will accept payment in Potomacs — up to 50% of a client's fees.  The remainder can then be paid the old fashioned way in US dollars via credit card, debit card, cash or check.

For those who want more information on local or complimentary currencies, we suggest reading: