Looking to develop your inner intuitive voice and inner wisdom?

These are some simple ideas I've developed to help me in my own practice. (As always take them for what they are worth.) I define intuition as "an awareness of co-creative flow in your life" or "the guidance from your internal voice." I do these myself and find them very helpful.
1. Simply write down on a daily basis the moments of coincidence and synchronicity that happen in your life. The more often you write them down in a log, the more often you will notice them. Similar to recording your dreams – the more you write your dreams down, the more dreams you remember. Say for example, you are reading a book by Charles Dickens, then one afternoon you are sitting at a coffee shop and you look up and there is a man reading a novel by Charles Dickens. Coincidence! You write that down. I've been doing this for quite some time and now it is not unusual for me to think of a person one day and see them the next. Something like that happened to me last night at the gym. Pretty much a day does not go by without some bit of coincidence or synchronicity happening in my life.

2. Next also write down those odd "sensations" or "feelings" you have about a subject, incident, or something happening in your life. You'll soon begin to see a trend or pattern and – more importantly – you'll begin to notice these "feelings" more often and how to "read" them.

3. The next step is to honor these feelings by beginning to act on them. For example, currently I am searching for a place to hold a workshop. Recently, a friend told me about an alternative bookstore nearby. I vaguely knew about it, but didn't really have any information on it. He did not know the name, but told me the general address. I hung up with him and then checked my emails. One of my emails was a list serve announcement from a local arts center. I deleted it and then that little feeling jumped in and said "You ought to look at that." (I really didn't want to look at it, I was in a hurry.) Again, that little voice/feeling said "You really ought to look at that." I mentally responded with "Why? Ohh, all righttttttttttt. Geez, I just want to check my email and get out of here." So I opened the email and glanced through it. Lo and behold, the book store name, address, and website were all mentioned in the body of the email!

© Rich See 2010