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Job Hunting Tips for Older Workers…

ship's bow at sunset

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Looking for a job in a recession is difficult.  Looking for one when you're "over the hill" (i.e. over 40) can be almost impossible and cause immense life stress.  Having helped a number of clients in career transition, I know that at a minimum a job search is dismaying, and when it is going badly, can lead to despair, depression and apathy.

The American Marketing Association recently offered up these few tips for over-40 job seekers.  The ideas are sound, so I thought that sharing them would be a good idea.  They're by "career renegade" Corey Harlock and are quite simple:

(a) Focus on your relevant experience as it relates to the job you are applying for.

(b) Focus your talking points on how you can assist the department and the hiring supervisor.

(c) Play down your years of experience so that you minimize the intimidation factor — especially if the hiring individual is younger than you.

The full article, which was part of the association's enewsletter can be found here.