Good, Bad, Interesting…


In looking up creativity exercises, I ran across several that fall right into what the coaching process is all about.  Each is designed to have you viewing issues in different ways so as to get away from a linear mode of problem solving.  They're quite fascinating and worth the quick read and test run that takes about ten minutes.

The first is Good/Bad/Interesting, which takes an idea or situation and then has each person write something good about it, something bad and then some interesting aspect of the situation which may not be readily apparent.  The process is designed to break down preconceived ideas, relax the ego's desire to be right and show how our opinions can be framed sand reframed by bringing in new ideas and further information.

In a way it is all very Zen in that change is a constant in our lives and in our worlds.  So by not connecting with "This is good, this is bad." we allow ourselves to more ably flow in the change that is constantly happening all around us.  Who knew a simple creativity exercise could connect to Zen theory!

Next up is SCAMPER.  This technique has us substituting, combining, adapting, modifying, eliminating and reversing in an attempt to generate new ideas.  What is fascinating about this is that it eliminates duality.  Nothing is this or that, we take our ideas and shake them up in a cocktail shaker and see what interesting combinations we come up with.

The final exercise is combining ideas, which to first glance seems rather basic.  In the exercise the authors suggest words and after really examining what you know about the words then combining the ideas generated to come up with new ideas.  But if you look at it further and consider choosing issues in your life and really examine them and then combine them, you discover some fascinating glimpses into your own creative psyche.  It's wort a shot anyways! Links to the exercises are in our resources directory.

Enjoy and have fun!