Going out on a limb…

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." — Seneca Proverb

Hmmm…do I really believe this bit of old wisdom?

Seems to me that when we dare and go out on a limb, well then, that's when difficulties begin! And we find ourselves thinking "I should of stayed on The Couch of the Status Quo, it was safer and easier…" However, if it you go a bit deeper, often we find that what is making a situation more difficult is our own inability to be as flexible as we need to be.

"I'm being flexible!" you may be saying.

Yes, you took the risks and now that the road is rocky and rubble strewn, it may be time to look at what inner aspects of yourself you are holding onto that need to be — like unwieldy luggage — dropped off on the side of the road.

Are you unable to accept help from others? Do you need reassurance before you can act on your own? Do you need to get your life organized at a new level — a level that you really don't want to pursue because it seems to mean you have become an adult? Does it mean being more assertive — especially with difficult people currently in your life? Does it mean facing difficult situations and your fears of facing those situations?

Next time you are stuck, I challenge you to look inside yourself — instead of outside yourself. Our immediate inclination tends to be to club our environment into submission. And then if we can't club the environment into submission, we mentally/emotionally club ourselves as if we were Harp seals on a Canadian beach at the outset of fur season. Look at the things about yourself you don't want to let go of — the attitudes, assumptions, fears, life views that you are holding onto and try letting go of one — just one — that seems like it may be holding you back. See if it unblocks you just a bit.

Until next time, have a great day!

© Rich See 2010