Getting Green Day-By-Day


The Green Guide has a year long plan for getting us all more green, organic and less carbon extensive.

Their planner has ideas on bringing ecological and sustainable ideas and products into our everyday worlds bit by bit.  There is a planner for the day, the week and the month. Each is filled with ideas to help us make the transition more casually and unobtrusively.

I especially like their idea to simply start buying one organic version of a grocery item that we regularly purchase.  Maybe it's peanut butter, maybe it's eggs; whatever, just this month start buying the organic brand.  The idea is that by slowly introducing organics into our diets — one item at a time — the greening process won't cause our wallets to go into shock.  And, additionally, it will make the process of going green one that will move to the forefront of our lives, yet in a way that seems natural and relaxed.