Embracing challenges…

I know I've written about this before, but learning to embrace EVERY aspect of your life and EVERY situation that enters into it is crucial to amalgamating these experiences into yourself in a way that develops your confidence and increases your personal empowerment and understanding of who own being. Because you can't possibly fully learn from a situation unless you embrace it in your life, call a truce, and see it as an ally.

You don't have to like it or love it, just see it as an experience which is teaching you something about yourself. Most likely something about yourself you don't want to see, but — like a guide which is taking you through a dark landscape with only a small candle — it is taking you through the inner shadow of your subconscious. And thus it is enabling you to be able to pull your power back from your fear perspective and choose a confidence perspective in how you see yourself and life.

So embracing is crucial and sending goodwill to these issues and people which intimidate you is the key to beginning to embrace the difficulties and challenges you face.

If you examine your distaste in doing this you will probably see a series of worries, anxieties, ego-based excuses, rationalizations and an inner desire to maintain some level of disempowerment in your life. You'll keep this perspective until you become more comfortable with the idea and reality of experiencing a higher level of personal empowerment.

It's no different than getting rid of old possessions. You throw things away when:
you have reached the point where you are ready to discard the emotional aspect that the belonging represents to you, or
you no longer need the item in your daily life, or
you simply want to move on from what symbolizes a past reality that you no longer want to be a part of or maintain.

IIt's at this point that you will toss out an old sweater, a piece of furniture, a toy form childhood, a letter from an old lover, or a gift someone gave you that you never unwrapped. Even clothes that don't fit we keep, because: "I hope to get back to that weight!" Humorously, we even if the outfit is no longer in style!

It's not the outfit you are keeping — it's the reality it was a part of or the way it made you feel that you are trying to maintain. The outfit could be any old piece of clothing — so long as it had the same emotional aura about it as the one you are holding onto.

On the reverse side there are people and things and experiences we don't want in our lives. Financial difficulties are an example. Who wants those? Why would you embrace them? Isn't embracing them going to keep them in your life? Wouldn't it be better to fight them with all you have and get rid of them from your existence?

Think of difficult situations as a rip tide. The only way to fight a rip tide is not to fight it! You have to embrace swimming with the current in order to get to shore. Eventually the tide wears out and you reach the shore — not where you entered the water, but many feet, yards or perhaps a mile away from where you started. But you did reach the shore! And, the only way to get to the shore is to WORK with the tide — even a strong swimmer has to work with the tide. And most likely it is a tide that you are afraid of and one which you don't want to be involved with.

Issues in life are the same way. They require us to swim — not how we want to swim — but how the situation demands we swim. Panic just gets in the way and will only make you drown in the situation. So, to survive you have to swim in the manner that the situation demands that you swim. it may mean floating and going with the current for a time. it may mean treading water and allowing the current to take you further away form shore than you are comfortable with. It may mean swimming far away form where you want to be on the beach. In the end, you have to learn to adjust what your fear-based consciousness is telling you — "swim hard and get back to shore" — and do what your confidence consciousness is telling you "quit fighting, don;t be afraid and work with the situation to get back to firm ground."

It's not easy, but it can be done. It requires fighting your fears, putting aside your ego demands and embracing a situation to show you something about yourself in order that you can develop a greater level of strength and empowerment in your overall life.

So back to the financial issue…
Every reality is made up of a thousand little realities. The financial difficulty reality is made up of tons of mini-realities which make it unpleasant. Things like having to scrimp, take a second job, face creditors, etc. Each of those is a reality of its own — that combined make up the greater reality we call "financial difficulty."

Just like any difficult or challenging life issue it forces us to have to do things we don't want to do. We are forced to embrace going outside of the coping behaviors we are comfortable with and embrace new behaviors we are uncomfortable with. And when you look at it — those new behaviors will most likely force us to face our fears and eventually provide us with a greater level of confidence.

So money issues require that you do some things that you don't want to do — call creditors, ask for extensions, go to family or friends for loans, downsize your life, live at a basic level that is not what you are used to, confide to others that you are having problems, or simple endure the unpleasant reality that your life isn't where you had wanted or expected it to be at this stage of Your Game of Life.

Your Panic Consciousness will react with anger, fear, trepidation, disappointment, maybe bitterness at life, envy towards others, emotional exhaustion, etc. How is this different than the rip tide? It isn't. You approach the rip tide with fear, anger, trepidation, disappointment, panic, bitterness, envy of those on shore, etc.

So how do you swim with the financial rip tide? By adjusting your stroke (living) to meet the tide's requirements — i.e. by doing those things that you don't want to do! By facing your creditors, by making phone calls you don't want to make, by answering calls you don't want to answer. Of course you'll be frightened and scared. The rip tide is scary too — even if you know how to swim in one!

But fighting the situation will only wear you out and tear you down. Panic and fear will only cause you to drown. By being able to look at the situation from a perspective of calmness, you can then realize where you are in the situation, what you need to do immediately, and — even more importantly — you will be more able to see any passing "flotation devises" that are opportunities to help you stay afloat until you get to firmer financial soils. Something that panic, fear, anger and bitterness will only blind you to seeing. While calmness and being willing to float in a situation and taking on the demands of its realities will enable you to see any opportunities that may appear on the horizon.