Creativity and awareness…

One of the best ways, I've found to developing a dialogue with my intuitive sense is by noticing coincidences in my life.  So this week, begin noticing something in your world that repeats itself.  A pattern of something emerging into your consciousness.

Perhaps it's the appearance of an animal, or an old forgotten song, or a name like "Ichabod."  It doesn't matter what it is really, the idea is to become more conscious of your surroundings and what they are conveying to you.

So I suggest picking a color — turquoise perhaps — and then not so much seeking it out, but allowing it to come to you.  Choose an item and then choose to notice it when it appears in your life. Now you may be saying "What is this man talking about?  Turquoise is going to start popping up in my world all of a sudden?  Is he mad?  Yes, I think he's a nut…"

No, I'm not saying that turquoise is going to start jumping out at you from dark alleys — although it might — dark alleys have so much potential.  However, I am saying that by training yourself to become aware of repeating patterns in your life, you then can train yourself to become aware of your own inner-self a bit more.  By being conscious of your surroundings, you become more conscious of your own mind. For example, not too long ago I was at the gym.  On two different days, during the same week; while I was using the same machine…two different men came up to me — both of whom have been members of this gym for far longer than I.

And each asked me, in great surprise, if the equipment I was using was brand new. The weight machine I was using has been there as long as I have been going to this gym, which at this point is a few years. Interestingly, about 30 minutes previously to speaking with me, each had been using the aerobic machines nearby.  And in fact each said, "I never come over to this part of the gym.  I had no idea this, or these other machines, were here."  The aerobics machines that both of these men were using — and use on a regular basis – are about 15 feet away from and in plain sight of the machine I was using. Now, it's not that either of these men walk through life with blinders on.  It's that we all are bombarded with so much information and so much "stuff" throughout the course of our day-to-day lives that we tune things out on a regular basis.  We all have quite a bit on our minds and so we mentally focus on ourselves and what is going on in the greater drama of our lives.

The goal here is to begin to become aware of the small things in our surroundings (outer world), so that we can become aware of the small things in our psyches (our inner world). So, go out and start noticing all the turquoise — or whatever you choose — that manifests in your week.  Have fun and make a game of it by counting the number of times turquoise  — or whatever you choose — comes up in your week.  Maybe you'll see it, maybe you won't.  But think about the interesting dinner conversations you can have if you do…