Helping Clients Focus, Organize & De-clutter Their Inner & Outer Lives

Simplify, Organize, De-clutter — and you will see change! Simplify your thinking process. Organize your goals. De-clutter your preconceived ideas. You will see change and growth in all areas of your life. It seems simple enough. But without an objective guide to point out where your going down the same roads you’ve already tread, it’s pretty likely you’ll end up right back where you started. Your coach is a collaborator who reviews, reminds, plans, reinforces and helps you build knowledge to create your desired life.

Working with entrepreneurs, executives, sales people, and unemployed workers in I’ve helped clients create more balance and flow in their professional and personal lives. Utilizing active listening, clarifying questions, role play, brainstorming and deduction I help you create solutions.

My goal is to help clients succeed, create more fulfilling lives for themselves and to help them have fun in the process of accomplishing their dreams.


As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the thing you think you can not do!”

It’s time to bring on a collaborator who reviews, reminds, plans, reinforces and helps build your knowledge to create your amazing life.

My coaching is client directed, which provides clients a chance to structure their coaching session and to focus on what they perceive to be their most pressing issues.

As we proceed in the coaching process, my goal is to help you look at your goals and life direction from a larger view point. Along the way I urge you to see yourself as more empowered and self-directed; and thus able to effect greater change in your life more quickly.


My coaching calls incorporate:

  • Brainstorming— We brainstorm to pull out your best ideas and discover your hidden talents and abilities.
  • Assertiveness Development — We work to enhance your ability to create healthy boundaries and respect not only for others, but for yourself.
  • Organization & Time Management Skills — We focus on sticking to your schedule and developing an organizational routine which you design and use.
  • Simplifying & De-cluttering — We clear out the clutter — mental or physical — and help you choose to flow with Life instead of trying to swim against the current.
  • Higher Altitude Thinking— We look larger, expand your thinking and scope of reference to see not only the small details, but the big picture and the long range plan.
  • Motivation — We figure out ways to motivate you to keep going, work smarter and have fun.
  • Focus — We keep focused on your stated goals when distractions appear.
  • Cheerleading — We take the view you will succeed — it’s just a matter of how and when.
  • Throwing Ideas Around — Our calls are your sounding board, I play your devil’s advocate and your questioning interviewer all rolled into one.

…so what should you expect during a coaching call?

Think of a coaching call as a big brainstorming session with thought-provoking, stimulating conversation, role play, visioning, creativity exercises and a focus on getting your to do list accomplished as quickly as possible. Just like a conversation with your general contractor, financial consultant or car mechanic — we focus on where you are right now and how to get to where you want to be.

The first couple of minutes is usually general chi-chat. Then we look at how things are going right now, catch up on the status of any tasks from the previous coaching call and then we dive into the topics you feel are currently most important to getting your goals accomplished. The bulk of the call takes place with a mix of thoughts, ideas, future visioning and looking at what can be immediately accomplished in the simplest manner possible. Then the last five minutes is the wrap up portion of the call where we bring conversation topics to a close, finalize tasks to be accomplished with accompanying deadlines, wish each other a lovely week, hang up and move on with the rest of our day.

Kind of like having a chat with a good friend, your grandmother, business mentor, plumber, hair stylist and personal trainer all rolled into one.


Using a co-active coaching approach I take a holistic view designed to help clients come up with their own solutions via brainstorming, discussion and re-framing bigger issues into much smaller, more manageable steps.

My goal is help you feel confident, competent and able to handle not only your to do list, but all the various roles you juggle throughout your day. And when you run into a stumbling block I help you create a plan to work around it. This way, you can create what you want in life intelligently, quickly and in the most positive, energizing and uplifting manner possible.


I individualize my approach to each client, looking to see what works and how best to motivate and challenge each individual. I offer clients the ability to create a coaching plan that the client is comfortable in maintaining. This can be every week, once a month, twice every three months — whatever the client feels is most helpful to their situation.

On my part, all sessions are confidential. You, however, are free to talk about them with anyone in your life. In fact, I encourage you to do so!


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

~ Helen Keller


If you want to…

  • to develop your business,
  • have tangible goals that you want to achieve,
  • need someone to discuss ideas, develop solutions, or brainstorm with,
  • desire to bring more balance and harmony into your life,
  • want to develop your management and assertiveness skills,
  • or just want to see what coaching can do for you…

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