Leadership & Management Development

…coaching to help careers thrive and prosper in a world of innovation, competition, ever changing markets and upward motion!

Things You Should Know…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee — If you are not satisfied with your coaching experience, we will refund your unused coaching sessions.

You Set The Pace — Clients set the pace of their coaching and the number of monthly appointments they feel comfortable in creating. We do not pressure you or try to upsell you to a higher plan or more sessions.

Payments — All payments are required in advance of session appointments. Payments can be made in the form of check or credit card through online payment platforms.

Income Taxes — You may be able to deduct your coaching sessions from your income taxes as a consulting expense. Please talk to your financial adviser regarding this possibility.

Want to increase your leadership skills or enhance your management techniques?

Leadership coaching is designed to help anyone increase their management skills, become more assertive in their decision-making process and brainstorm on difficult decisions.  The goal is to help you feel empowered, supported and on your game.

Our calls work on strategic planning, as well as immediate goals with the ultimate focus on creating greater leadership, management success and bringing creativity into problem-solving.